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友善列印 臉書   噗浪  推特 小中大

Overview of Penghu Living Museum’s Logo


  •  The logo of Penghu Living Museum is a combination of various elements that represent Penghu's traditional lifestyles, including:
  • * Firewheel – Penghu's county flower that symbolizes the spirit of the Penghu people (the outermost contour)
  • * The blazing sun of Penghu (the upper portion of the Firewheel is illustrated to represent the shape of the sun)
  • * The Minnan styled "horseback roof" that symbolizes Penghu's traditional housing
  • * The fishing boat – the transportation that Penghu folks have depended on to make their living from the ocean (frontal view)
  • * The waves of the ocean – an inseparable part of Penghu folks' day-to-day life

Description of the logo:

"Under the scorching sun, the Penghu people have dwelled in houses built with coral stones and worked diligently everyday by steering their fishing boats out into the sea in the hopes of bringing home a bountiful catch. This is the traditional lifestyle that the average Penghu people lead, reflecting their steel determination and undaunted spirits in the face of hardship, just like the Firewheel".




Penghu Living Museum

No.230, Jhonghua Rd., Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan (R.O.C.) [Map]
TEL: 06)921-0405、(06)921-0438  
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